Daniel Lindvall holds a Ph.D. in sociology and conducts research at Uppsala University - Climate Change Leadership Initiative.

His research areas include climate and energy transition, with a focus on issues of social acceptance, justice, and democratic concerns.

He has served as principle inquiry secretary for several government investigations, such as the 2014 Democracy commission.

Daniel Lindvall lectures, moderates discussions, and writes articles, books, and reports on democracy and climate and energy issues.

Read our book Democracy in Hotter Times. Edited by David Orr

You can find more information about the book and how to order it here!

Read my book Upphettning - Demokratin i klimatkrisens tid.

"Uppettning - Heating" dives into climate denial as a political movement. Based on current research, the book discusses the challenges that global warming poses to democratic governance, exploring questions such as: Can we address the climate issue with the help of democracy? Why does the authoritarian nationalist movement actively oppose climate science?