Democracy in Hotter Times.

Edited by David Orr.

Preword by Bill McKibben and afterword by Kim Stanley Robinson. 

My chapters reads: Can Democracy Safeguards the Rights of Future Generations? Climate Change and Intergenerational Injustice.

The following authors are contributing to the book

William J. Barber III, JD, William S. Becker, Holly Jean Buck, Stan Cox, Michael M. Crow, William B. Dabars, Ann Florini, David H. Guston, Katrina Kuh, Gordon LaForge, Hélène Landemore, Frances Moore Lappé, Richard Louv, James R. May, Frederick W. Mayer, Bill McKibben, Michael Oppenheimer, David W. Orr, Wellington Reiter, Kim Stanley Robinson, Anne-Marie Slaughter.

The books was selected as the best science picks in 2023 by Nature, read more here:

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Upphettning - Demokratin i klimatkrisens tid

"Upphettning - Heating" dives into climate denial as a political movement. Based on current research, the book discusses the challenges that global warming poses to democratic governance, exploring questions such as: Can we address the climate issue with the help of democracy? Why does the authoritarian nationalist movement actively oppose climate science?

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